Partnerships/Training school

  • DCU, Dublin City University (Irlande)

a) This university has a Language School welcoming our students in July or August at a preferential fixed price, for a tailor-made duration, with organized cultural outings.
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b) Dublin City University is also ready to admit students at bachelor level after the DUT (two-year Technological University Degree).

  • Glyndwir University (Wales)

a) This university offers students from the three campuses of the IUT the possibility to come and follow 4-week sessions taught by university professors (in July or August). Students validate ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).
b) DUT graduates can take a bachelor's degree at Glyndwr University: this will be an academic year without a diploma for further studies in an engineering school in France. Students will however benefit from this immersive experience in the English language.

c) After two fully validated summer internships in the appropriate discipline, students with a bachelor's degree in France can enroll for a master's degree at Glyndwr.

  • ETS Ecole de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal (Canada)

Thanks to a partnership between the IUT of Ville d'Avray and the prestigious Montreal School of Higher Technology (ETS), top students have the opportunity to bring an international scope to their training. They can apply for a University Degree in International Technological Studies (DUETI), in order to complete a year at ETS, equivalent to the first year of a master’s degree in engineering.

  Youtube - ETS Montréal

Organized Meeting with students at GMP

Every two years, students from USCB (University of South Carolina Beaufort) come to visit Paris. On this occasion, meetings in Paris and at the IUT are organized with our students in order to speak English. In 2021, online joint-language classes have been organized between student groups from both universities

Internships abroad

Students are encouraged to complete their BUT validation internship abroad. Every year, some students go to different destinations for two or three months: Ireland, China, Great Britain, Romania, Abu Dhabi...

Welcoming foreign students

Each year, some students from various continents (Africa, America, Asia), are selected to integrate the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering curriculum. Delegations of foreign students or foreign teachers are welcomed by students and their teachers upon request.

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